Simply Dance - Reach for the moon, but dance on the stars

Level of Experience:
*Beginner: 0-3 years of experience
*Intermediate: 4-7 years of experience
*Advanced: 8+ years of experience

Class Description

** All group classes run one hour in length.**

*Tap and Jazz*: Learn skills in each style of tap and jazz of the current and modern times, based on level of experience. You will learn basic vocabulary and skills to go along with each style. 

*Lyrical*: A dance style that combines the elements of ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques. You will learn skills based on level of experience. 

* Musical Theater*: A form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue, lip sync and dance. You will learn Broadway style dance techniques combined with basic jazz skills. Focus will be on style, performance, and personality. This class will run as part of the tap/jazz class.  

*Hip Hop*: This class is a combination of jazz, street jazz, old school funk, street dance and free style.

*Adult Tap/Jazz*: Get a great, FUN workout while learning some basic tap and jazz skills. This class is based on giving adults a chance to step away from the stresses of the outside world and step into those dance shoes and learn some techniques while getting a great cardio workout as well!

*Aerial Dance & Tumbling*: Take dance to new heights! Discover the art of cirque du soleil in our Silks training class. Take your dance skills and move them into the air! Also combined with our acrobatics floor work to help flexibility, core strength, and upper body strength!

*Ballet Intensive*: This class is for intermediate and advanced dancers who have had at least 5-6 years ballet training. This is strictly a class to work the art of proper technique. It is an intensive through classical ballet training in proper foot placement and body placement. Focus on core strength, flexibility, leg strength, and most importantly technique.

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