Simply Dance - Reach for the moon, but dance on the stars

Eminence Movment Company

In 2016, Simply Dance expanded beyond just a dance studio. Under the direction of Amanda and the support of senior dancers, Eminence Movment began. EMC is a local dance company that gives our advanced dancers a chance to experience what the real world of dance could be like.

Eminence Movment debuted their work in the summer of 2018. EMC has had the honor of performing at RAW Artists twice, a national showcase of talents in the arts.

Students not only work on their own technique, but push themselves to search their creative side in terms of improvisation and choreographing. Conditioning and technique classes are a weekly practice.

The company is very inclusive, constantly looking for interested dancers to join and grow with them. Keep an eye out for exciting things to come!

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Instagram: eminencemovmentct

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