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Welcome to Simply Dance's

Costume Closet!

Our Costume Rental Service

As dancers we often purchase beautiful costumes that we wear very few times. Between all our teachers and students, we have a closet full of costumes in various sizes and styles ready to see the stage again! Costumes can be expensive, so renting a used costume for less money is a great option! All rentals are between $25-$35 (cash only). When the costume is returned safe, you will receive a portion of your cash back!

We have several costumes available and all are housed in the studio! Feel free to ask the director or teachers if you are interested in looking/renting a costume!

Rental Length:

SD Dancers: Max. rental of 4 months

All Other Inquiries: Max. rental of 30 days

*if rentals are needed longer please speak to director*

*All rentals take place on location, items will not be shipped to avoid sizing issues*

Rental Fees $25.00 - $35.00

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